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Brian Kelly Admits His Focus On Fundraising 'F-cked Up Last Year's Team'

Brian Kelly speaking at a press conference.


Norte Dame head coach Brian Kelly was brutally honest about his coaching last season.

Last season was less than ideal for Notre Dame in a lot of ways, and a 4-8 record punctuated by a 45-27 throttling by USC in the final week of the season naturally led most to question whether Brian Kelly would retain his job as head coach.

But Kelly is back for another season, and while another bad year could potentially get him canned, the head coach was honest about some of the ways he screwed up last year in an interview with Bleacher Report published earlier today.

Part of Kelly's problem? He wasn't totally focused on being a head coach.

Per Bleacher Report:

... [Kelly] had to spend too much time, he now reveals to Bleacher Report, fundraising for a football-only facility and not enough making sure he had a firm grasp of his team's physical and mental focus.

Think about that: The head coach at Notre Dame—which at one point was paying two coaches to not coach (Tyrone Willingham, Charlie Weis) while paying Kelly—was fundraising for a facility during the season.

When asked how that impacted 2016, Kelly says bluntly, "It f--ked up last year's team."

"I was the absent professor," Kelly added, per Bleacher Report. "I wasn't paying attention to the details that we needed. There were internal issues that—if a guy is on it, and he's doing his job as the head coach, he would've seen those things early. My flawed philosophy was, We're going to score points early while we're figuring it out on the other side with a young defense. Well, that didn't happen. We gave up way too many points early, we lost three games, and now we're in trouble."

Hopefully with a more focused Brian Kelly, this season will go a lot smoother for the Fighting Irish and their fans.