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Brian Kelly's Twitter Account 'Liked' A Post About Firing Brian VanGorder

Whoever runs Brian Kelly's Twitter account has some explaining to do Sunday morning.

To be clear - Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly probably does not run his own Twitter account. College football head coaches don't have much free time, so they have staff members take care of things like social media. At least, we think that's the case. Either way, Kelly's account is making headlines on Sunday morning.

Near the end of Notre Dame's loss to Michigan State on Saturday night, Kelly was shown on screen screaming at defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder. Sunday morning, Kelly's Twitter account has apparently "liked" a post suggesting VanGorder be fired.

As-of 11:20 a.m. ET, it's still there. Have a look:

A picture of Brian Kelly's twitter account.


We were alerted to the post by Sports Illustrated's Brian Hamilton.

Kelly's frustration on Saturday night was apparent - but we doubt he pulled the trigger here. Regardless, fans have to be wondering if changes are coming in South Bend.