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Charlie Weis Is The 2nd Highest-Paid Employee In The Notre Dame Athletic Department

It's good to be Charlie Weis. 

At 59, the former college football coach is basically retired, but he's still getting paid. According to documents obtained by, the former Notre Dame head coach is still receiving some very large payments from the Fighting Irish after getting fired following the 2009 season. 

ESPN reports Notre Dame paid Weis $2,054,744 over the last fiscal year, making him the athletic department's second highest-paid employee, only behind current coach Brian Kelly. The total buyout sum owed to Weis is close to $19 million.

Notre Dame is scheduled for "additional annual payments" through December 2015, so two more payments of what Weis received in the previous four years means his buyout money from the school would total $18,966,867.

Keep getting them checks, Charlie (who is also owed $5.6 million from Kansas).