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Chris "The Bear" Fallica Makes His Picks For Clemson vs. Notre Dame, Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Chris Fallica makes his Playoff picks.

The College Football Playoff is finally here. In just about 12 hours, we'll know which two teams will be playing for it all on January 7.

This morning, on ESPN College GameDay, Chris "the Bear" Fallica - the show's resident gambling expert - made his picks for both the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. He doesn't think either game will be all that close.

Fallica first spoke about Clemson vs. Notre Dame, picking the Tigers to cover the 12-point spread. He thinks Clemson will win by "around 17 points."

Fallica also made his pick for Alabama vs. Oklahoma - suggesting that the Crimson Tide will win. He thinks the Crimson Tide will prevail by a margin close to the spread - which is 14 points.

Hopefully, for the general public's sake, the games are closer than that. Two blowouts wouldn't be very fun.

If Fallica is right, we'd have an Alabama vs. Clemson national title game for the third time in four years.

The Cotton Bowl kicks off at 4:00 PM ET. The Orange Bowl follows at 8:00 PM ET.