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College Football's 10 Dream Matchups For This Year's National Championship Game

The NBA got its dream matchup for The Finals. Steph Curry and the Warriors meeting LeBron James and the Cavaliers with a championship on the line for the second year in a row is about as good as it can get in professional basketball. 

There are countless storylines and the TV ratings and ticket sales will surely reflect that. 

What's college football's dream matchup for this season's College Football Playoff title game? 

We've decided to rank the top 10. 

We're taking into account everything each matchup would have to offer: the competitive aspect, the head coaches, the fan bases, the storylines, etc. 

Yeah, it's an Alabama-heavy list, but the Crimson Tide are the sport's biggest power - by far- and most of the best title game matchups involve them facing another power. 

Here are the 10 best national championship game matchups we can hope for this season. 

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10. Ohio State vs. Notre Dame

This would be a rematch of last season's Fiesta Bowl, which was a decent contest but didn't really live up to the hype. 

Still, it got good TV ratings (these may be the two biggest fan bases in the country) and the ratings for a Buckeyes-Fighting Irish title game would be massive. 

There's the Urban Meyer-Notre Dame storyline (he's called ND his "dream job"), and these two programs go head-to-head on the recruiting trail a decent amount. 

Both programs are expected to start the season ranked in the top 10 and this would be a matchup of two great quarterbacks (J.T. Barrett vs. DeShone Kizer/Malik Zaire). 

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9. Alabama vs. Florida State

These two power programs have played just five times, most recently in 2007 (a 21-14 FSU victory). 

They're set to open the 2017 season at the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic in Atlanta, but why not have these teams play twice in one calendar year? 

Florida State is probably the most 'SEC' program that isn't in the SEC, so that'd be a lot of fun. 

Nick Saban facing one of his former assistant coaches in Jimbo Fisher (who was LSU's offensive coordinator from 2000-06) would be a cool storyline, too. 

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8. Michigan vs. Notre Dam

The Wolverines and the Fighting Irish ended their longtime non-conference series a couple of seasons ago, but this is a rivalry that needs to be played every year. 

How about a College Football Playoff title game matchup? 

This might be more likely than you think, too. Both Michigan and Notre Dame are going to start the season ranked in the top 10 and both could definitely earn College Football Playoff bids. It would probably take Michigan going undefeated (and getting the No. 1 seed) and Notre Dame going 11-1 (and getting the No. 3 seed) for this to happen. 

Ticket prices would be insane for this one. 

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7. LSU vs. Florida State

This is pretty similar to the Alabama-Florida State matchup, only juicier. 

Fisher, as we mentioned earlier, was the offensive coordinator at LSU for half a decade. Whenever Les Miles is believed to be on the hot seat (or thinking about taking another job), Fisher's name comes up as the leading candidate to replace him. 

He probably won't leave Florida State for another college job, but if he did, LSU is thought to be the one. 

So the storylines for this one would be really intriguing. 

It'd be a nice matchup of two of college football's top running backs, too, in Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette. 

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6. Ohio State-Alabama

This matchup probably deserves to be ranked higher and you could make a good argument for this matchup being ranked No. 1. 

The Buckeyes and Crimson Tide's Sugar Bowl meeting two seasons ago was one of the most memorable college football games ever, after all. 

The storylines are endless: Saban vs. Meyer, Alabama trying to get revenge, recruiting elite vs. recruiting elite, etc. 

But it comes in at just No. 6 because of the competitive aspect. What will Ohio State actually look like this fall? We're not really sure. 

So, for now, this matchup is just outside our top five. 

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5. Ohio State vs. Florida State

Yes, this one's higher than Ohio State-Alabama. 


For one, the competitive aspect. We believe the gap between Ohio State and Florida State is smaller than the gap between Ohio State and Alabama. We'd get a better game. 

There's also this: over the last 10 years, only two non-SEC teams have won the national championship. 

Those teams: Ohio State (2014) and Florida State (2013). 

It'd be nice to have a matchup of two non-SEC teams in the title game, something that hasn't happened since 2004. 

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4. Alabama vs. Clemson

A rematch of last year's national championship. 

The second-ever College Football Playoff title game was an incredible contest (a much needed one, too, after a couple of dreadful semifinal games) and this game would probably be pretty great, also. 

There'd be the rematch storyline and the Dabo Swinney-Alabama connections. 

The contest might also feature the Heisman Trophy winner in DeShaun Watson facing the country's best defense in the Crimson Tide. 

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3. Oklahoma-Clemson

Like Alabama-Clemson, this would be a rematch of last year's College Football Playoff. 

We think the revenge factor would be better in this matchup, though. 

The Tigers made easy work of the Sooners in the Orange Bowl, mostly shutting down what was an electric Sooners' offense. 

The game got a little chippy and Baker Mayfield has since said he didn't think Clemson's defense really did anything to stop Oklahoma's offense. 

We think Oklahoma and Clemson have the best chances of going undefeated this fall, too, so this could be a 14-0 vs. 14-0 matchup. 

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2. Alabama vs. Michigan

This matchup's ranking can be defended in two words: Harbaugh, Saban. 

Saban and Meyer are college football's two best coaches, but a Saban-Harbaugh matchup would be more fun. 

Harbaugh is perhaps college football's most-outspoken coach, while Saban rarely says anything of value (other than an occasional rant about how much he dislikes the media). 

Michigan is viewed as the college football power on the rise, while Alabama's already there. 

The two programs last played at the start of the 2012 season. That game wasn't close, as the Crimson Tide blew out the Wolverines. 

This game would be a lot better than that one. 

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1. Alabama vs. Oklahoma

The college football world has desperately needed an Alabama-Oklahoma rematch since the Sooners upset the Crimson Tide in the 2014 Sugar Bowl. 

It has to happen this year. 

Both Alabama and Oklahoma are expected to start the season ranked in the top five (possibly at No. 1 and No. 2, respectively) and many will be picking them to make the College Football Playoff. 

From a competitive angle, the game should be great. Oklahoma's offense will be spectacular and Alabama's defense could be the best in the country. 

The storylines would be great, too: Alabama out for revenge, Bob Stoops repeated criticism of the SEC, etc. 

It's our national championship game dream matchup. 

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