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College Football's 12 Fan Bases Most Protective Of Their Uniforms

Tradition is everything when it comes to college football - and may be what most separates it from its professional counterpart. 

Without tradition we don't have rivalries or fight songs. We don't have most of the things college football fans hold so dear.

Each year fans take part in or witness some of these traditions come football season in the fall, creating some of the greatest atmospheres in all of sports.

But not all traditions are created equal. Some are stronger than others, especially when it comes to uniforms.

We've already discussed the most iconic helmets in college football, as well as the most iconic uniforms, but we've never discussed the fans who take pride in those looks.

Here are the 12 college football fan bases most protective of their uniforms.

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12. Nebraska

Nebraska football has recently tested the waters regarding alternate uniforms, mixing in a number of helmets including different combinations of black and red, but the changes has come with mixed reviews. There's plenty of college football tradition in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Huskers fans are proud of the fact. Some of those fans don't think their uniforms or helmets need to be messed with.

Nebraska's iconic look is one that is recognized nationwide as one of the most traditional looks in the game. 

">December 27, 2015

">@NUequipment has the locker room

— Nebraska Huskers (@Huskers)

.@NUequipment has the locker room ?.


— Nebraska Huskers (@Huskers) December 26, 2015

">December 26, 2015

Huskers fans like their uniforms just fine. Next: No. 11 ??? >>>11. OklahomaSooners fans are proud of their program's traditions, and one of the most recognized traditions is Oklahoma's iconic uniform and helmet combination. The interlocking "OU" has been featured on the helmet since 1966 and there's no change in sight.

">December 31, 2015

">@seniorbowl today!

— Oklahoma Football (@OU_Football)

Good luck to OUr seniors who are competing in the @seniorbowl today! ⭕️?

— Oklahoma Football (@OU_Football) January 30, 2016

">January 30, 2016

Though, in today's college football landscape, even Oklahoma has flirted with minor changes to its look. Prior to the 2014 season, OU unveiled a set of new alternate uniforms that was met with an unpopular response from fans. Even with the new alternates in the mix, the Sooners have continued to primarily play in their traditional look. 

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10. Florida State

Though not as old as some of the other programs on this list, Florida State football has one of the most unique traditions in college football, highlighted by the planting of a spear at midfield prior to home games. Along with that, the spear on the helmet has remained a constant since 1976. 

">September 5, 2015

FSU adopted a redesign of the uniform ahead of the 2014 season that was met with quite the backlash from fans, most of whom were - and still are - upset the university changed the Seminoles' logo. Even though the changes weren't drastic, in the minds of the fans it was a nightmare. Things have since settled in Tallahassee, but it only goes to show just how passionate fans are about their uniforms. Next: No. 9 ??? >>> 9. GeorgiaGeorgia's football tradition is one that resonates in the southern states, or with anybody who remembers Herschel Walker trucking defenders on his way to the promised land. Not much has changed with the Bulldogs' uniforms since then, and UGA fans like it that way. The black "G" logo has remained at center stage since 1964. 

">January 2, 2016

Even Georgia has adopted a black alternate jersey, which was met with anger from some of the fans, but it's avoided making changes to the iconic helmet. It's hard to mess with traditions rooted so deep in the community. 

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8. Ohio State

Ohio State has as much tradition as anybody in college football, and the Buckeyes' uniform is recognized across the country as one of the most iconic looks in the game. This - for the most part - centers around their gray helmets with black and red striping, something that has been a constant since 1968.

">January 2, 2016

Though, even with a tradition as old as OSU's, the Buckeyes broke out blackout jerseys for the first time against Penn State this past season. The new look was received with mixed reviews from fans. Even though ESPN voted it the No. 1 alternate uniform of 2015, some fans felt the experiment was unnecessary. It's best not to mess with long-time traditions, and don't expect those helmets to change anytime soon. Next: No. 7 ??? >>>7. TexasFootball is king in the state of Texas. There's nothing else like it in any other state. And while Texans love their Cowboys and their high school football, there's really only one college football team that takes center stage in that part of the country - the Texas Longhorns. And whether you're familiar with football programs in the state of Texas or not, the burnt orange and the Longhorn logo is recognizable nationwide.

">October 24, 2015

There hasn't been much change in terms of Texas' uniform, outside of the shade of color, and that's for good reason: Longhorns fans don't want any change. 

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6. LSU

LSU's iconic yellow-gold helmet with purple and white striping stands out as much as anything on this list, and Tigers fans are proud of their unique look. "LSU" over the Tiger logo has remained a constant on the helmet since 1977, and there's something about the way the helmets shine under the lights of Death Valley on a Saturday night.

">@_fournette is an Associated Press First-Team All-American.

Leonard @_fournette is an Associated Press First-Team All-American. @v_alex74 is a 3rd team selection.

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