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College Football's Newest Top 25 Coaches' Poll Released

Despite a seemingly lackluster set of contests, week three of the college football season delivered, big time. There were tight games throughout the day, but a handful stood out as exceptionally competitive - Georgia vs. South Carolina, Florida vs. Kentucky, Louisville vs. Virginia, UCLA vs. Texas, Virginia Tech vs. ECU and Boston College vs. USC. Per usual, the national title picture changed as a result.

The Trojans' loss to the Eagles was the biggest head scratcher, but it was certainly no fluke - they were out-rushed 452-20. The Bulldogs' loss to the Gamecocks was also a bit of a surprise, though before the season started, many were picking SC as the best team in the SEC East.

So how do the college football coaches see things after a wild Saturday? Well, Florida State (idle) and Alabama, which took down Southern Miss, remain 1-2. And Oregon jumped Oklahoma after the Sooners showed to be a bit vulnerable against Tennessee.

Georgia dropped eight spots, from No. 6 to No. 14. But USC saw the biggest dip, falling from No. 10 to No. 21 after losing to BC. South Carolina saw the largest jump, rising from No. 23 to No. 16. Here's the entire poll, via USA Today.

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Oklahoma
5. Auburn
6. Baylor
7. Texas A&M
8. LSU
9. Notre Dame
10. UCLA
11. Michigan State
12. Ole Miss
13. Arizona State
14. Georgia
15. Stanford
16. South Carolina
17. Wisconsin
18. Ohio State
19. Missouri
20. Kansas State
21. USC
22. Nebraska
23. BYU
24. Clemson
25. North Carolina

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