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ESPN Is Suing Notre Dame For Rejecting Police Records Requests

According to the South Bend Tribune, ESPN has filed a lawsuit against Notre Dame after the school reportedly rejected two separate requests - made in September of 2014 and November of 2014 - for incident reports and police logs relating to student-athletes. ESPN reporter Paula Lavigne, who also requested a similar set of information from the Tallahassee Police Department, is listed as part of the lawsuit as well. ESPN claims that Notre Dame is violating Indiana's public records law.

Here's more, via the Tribune:

Earlier this month, Britt — an attorney appointed by Indiana's governor to advise on public access matters — issued an opinion stating Notre Dame has violated Indiana's public records law if it has withheld police records requested by ESPN about possible campus crimes.

...In a written statement to The Tribune last month, Notre Dame representatives said Britt's opinion was not consistent with "settled interpretation" of state law and that the issue has been "well-settled for more than a decade."

The South Bend Tribune also claims to have had requests denied in 2014, and it's mentioned that both the publication and ESPN filed complaints regarding the matter. There is not yet a hearing date set.