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ESPN Releases Its First College Football Power Rankings

We're almost there, college football fans - the 2015 campaign, which will feature the second-ever College Football Playoff, kicks off in less than one month. A few weeks ago, we gave you a look at the official Coaches' Poll rankings, which place defending national champion Ohio State at the top of the heap. It looks like ESPN's brass think the same.

Monday, the Worldwide Leader put out the first version of its Power Rankings. Ohio State takes the top spot, followed by TCU, Auburn and Baylor - meaning two of the top four squads hail from the Big 12. There are no teams from the ACC or the Pac-12 in the top four.

Here's the entire list, via usual, it's SEC-heavy. Eight programs from the conference make an appearance.

1. Ohio State
2. TCU
3. Auburn
4. Baylor
5. Alabama
6. Oregon
7. USC
8. Michigan State
9. Florida State
10. Georgia
11. UCLA
12. Notre Dame
13. Clemson
14. LSU
15. Ole Miss
16. Stanford
17. Arizona State
18. Arizona
19. Wisconsin
20. Georgia Tech
21. Oklahoma
22. Arkansas
23. Boise State
24. Tennessee
25. Texas A&M

Only time will tell how accurate these predictions wind up being. What do you think of their list?