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ESPN's FiveThirtyEight: 5 College Football Playoff Contenders Control Their Own Destiny

ESPN's FiveThirtyEight playoff percentage contenders.


FiveThirtyEight, an analytics-based sports and politics site owned by ESPN, has been calculating the probability of teams to make the College Football Playoff this season. While 13 teams are still in contention, according to editor Andrew Flowers there are really five that have control of their destiny: Alabama, Clemson, Iowa, Michigan State and Oklahoma. 

">November 25, 2015

Of course there is a lot of basketball to be played by those five teams. Over the next two weeks, we have:

Alabama vs. Auburn
Alabama vs. Florida (SEC Championship)
Clemson at South Carolina
Clemson vs. North Carolina (ACC Championship)
Iowa at Nebraska
Iowa vs. Big Ten East Champion (Big Ten Championship)
Michigan State vs. Penn State
Michigan State vs. Iowa (Big Ten Championship, if MSU beats PSU)
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Odds are, not every one of those results will go by the books, keeping hopes alive for teams like Baylor, Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Stanford. While things seem to be pretty well outlined at the moment, as we all know, college football can go crazy in an instant, especially when rivalry games get involved.