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ESPN's Paul Finebaum Says Oklahoma Will Overtake Notre Dame For CFP Spot If Both Teams Win Out

The third installment of the College Football Playoff Rankings dropped last night, and the top four teams remained unchanged. However, Oklahoma made a nice jump from No. 12 to No. 7, furthering debate that the Sooners could overtake Notre Dame for the final playoff spot, even if both teams won out and finished 11-1. 

Speaking on ESPN's Mike and Mikethis morning, college football analyst Paul Finebaum was asked which team would receive a CFP berth if just such a scenario plays out. 

"It will be Oklahoma because they will have tremendous momentum. That's why this is such a bizarre process and I get high blood pressure every Tuesday night. And I understand what you see last matters. That's in basketball, that's in any sport that's subjective. But it is exasperating and I just shake my head. And I happen to like [committee chairman] Jeff Long a lot but when I watch him every Tuesday night it's like he and his committee are trying to come up with a new flu vaccine...It really isn't that difficult, Greeny. I think the three of us could sit in a bar on Rush St. in Chicago on the final Sunday of the year and probably do just as well."

Finebaum said he thinks that the Sooners will get the No. 4 seed. He also implied that Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State will likely be the other three participants, though he thinks that the Buckeyes have the most dangerous road ahead of them.

Fighting Irish fans won't agree with this assessment, but it could be a very real possibility. Yes, Oklahoma's one loss against Texas would look worse than Notre Dame's against Clemson --not to mention the fact the Irish throttled Texas as well--but Finebaum's comments on momentum make sense when analyzing how teams are often slotted at the end of the season. 

If OU and ND both finish 11-1, each program will have a strong case for a playoff spot, and things will get really interesting for the committee.