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Here's Eddie Vanderdoes' Statement About Notre Dame

Gracious, I guess.

Earlier today, it was reported by Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee that Notre Dame commit Eddie Vanderdoes would be leaving the school before ever even suiting up for the Irish. Davidson also shared the statement Vanderdoes made about the situation, via text:

"I would like to thank the University of Notre Dame for lifting the recruiting ban and allowing me to sign an athletic scholarship with UCLA. Over the past four months, circumstances have changed for me and my family. For very personal reasons, I feel a strong need to remain close to home and be near those who are most important in my life.

I am honored and humbled that Note Dame thought enough of me as a person and a football player to offer me a scholarship. They have been very gracious to recognize not only how difficult a decision this was, but also how important it was for me to be near my family at this time. I take my commitments seriously, but as circumstances changed, the most important commitment is the one made to family."

For those looking for an exact answer as to why Vanderdoes left Notre Dame, the best explanation right now, given the above statement, is that he wanted to be closer to home. As noted earlier, that means he'll have to sit out a year before he can play for the Bruins.