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Here’s What The BCS Standings Would Look Like Right Now, After Week 10

The Bowl Championship Series is dead and gone, but the methodology used to calculate its standings will live on forever. With the first unveiling of the College Football Playoff rankings taking place last Tuesday, we decided we'd give you a look at what the initial BCS Standings would have looked like, had the system still been in existence. This week, we're doing the same.

Last week, the CFB Playoff's foursome consisted of Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn and Ole Miss. The BCS Standings were slightly different - the top two remained the same, but the No. 3 spot went to Alabama, and the No. 4 spot went to Auburn. Here's what they'd look like after week 10 -

ICYMI, what the BCS would have looked like after Week 10 if it was still around:

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">November 3, 2014

So, yes, college football fans - the SEC West would have three of the top four teams yet again. That being said, if Oregon and TCU both win out, it'd be hard to see them not being part of either system.