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Hey Notre Dame Fans, Here's Exactly How Much It Will Cost To Go See The Irish At The BCS National Championship

It's a lot.

Notre Dame just held its lottery for the BCS National Championship Game against Alabama on January 7. More than 100,000 people paid $20 to $25 to enter the lottery, and only 17,000 tickets were awarded.

If you weren't one of the lucky winners, you can still head to Miami after New Years. But you're looking at spending A LOT of money.

How much? Here's the breakdown:

It's going to cost you at least $1,200 for a ticket. Here are the cheapest seats still available, courtesy of StubHub:

Then, you're going to need to book a flight. If you're flying from South Bend, you're looking at a $1,000 round trip:

Then, you'll probably need a hotel. Say you stay for just one night. You can probably find a place for $100 to $250 per night. (From Orbitz)

Need a rental car? That'll cost you about $120 per day (from Hertz):

Then there's a parking pass, for about $40.

Tack on an extra $300 for food, booze, and some sort of Notre Dame BCS Championship apparel for a keepsake.


$1,200 (1 ticket) + $1,000 (roundtrip flight) +$200 (1 night hotel) + $120 (1 day car rental) + $40 (parking) + $300 (other)

= $2,860