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Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick Stands Behind Head Coach Brian Kelly

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick went on his radio show Friday to clear up all rumors about replacing Brian Kelly after a 4-8 season for the Fighting Irish.

Rumors have been swirling all year about the head coach Brian Kelly's future at Notre Dame, and many want him gone. What was supposed to be a season with national championship aspirations ended in a 4-8 disaster, including losses to Duke and Navy. It was the worst season for the Fighting Irish since 2007, where they went 3-9.

Naturally, people were wondering if Brian Kelly would even be back next year to coach, and athletic director Jack Swarbrick cleared it all up on his radio show.

Check it out:


Here's an excerpt:

"I certainly understand the engagement and the discussion of the program, but it's very much business as usual. We have a whole series of things we do at the end of the year. We conduct exit interviews with every senior. We do some statistical analysis. Coach Kelly's meeting with every member of the team over a three-day period to talk to them. Obviously he meets with staff. Then him and I come together at the end of that process to sit down and talk about what we need to change, what's next, what the plans are for the upcoming year, so in that sense, it's been absolutely business as usual from our perspective."

It sounds like he's treating the 4-8 season as little more than a bump in the road. After all, it was just four seasons ago that Kelly took the Fighting Irish to the national championship game. Still, you have to think that he's on the hot seat moving forward. Another season like this and his job will definitely be in jeopardy.