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John Swofford: If Notre Dame Joins A Conference Before 2035, It'll Be The ACC

Notre Dame football is still independent.

Notre Dame is one of the few independent football programs in the country - and it's for good reason. The Fighting Irish, despite no longer being a national power, are still able to command their own television contract, earn their own revenue without dividing it up with conference mates, and schedule whichever programs they want every year.

There are no plans for Notre Dame to join a conference, but if it did, ACC commissioner John Swofford believes it would be his league.

Swofford, this past week, told reporters that Notre Dame has not reached out about joining the conference. But he said that if the Fighting Irish do join a conference between now and 2035 (the year the NBC contract runs up), it will be the ACC.

Many believe that the Big Ten, based on geography and current rivalries, makes more sense for Notre Dame in the long run. But there's been some animosity on both sides there - so it's a long shot. Either way, it looks like the Fighting Irish, for the time being, are staying independent.