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Lisa Ann Recounts How She Met Notre Dame WR Justin Brent, "I Love My Little 19 Year Old"

Last October, Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent went to a New York Knicks game with Lisa Ann. The now-retired adult film star posted a couple pictures of the pair on Instagram and, later that evening, a selfie of them in bed together.

This might have gotten Brent in trouble with Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly, who said the freshman was in his "doghouse" and "gets distracted easily" near the conclusion of the 2014 season. 

We haven't seen any photos of Brent and Ann together since the Knicks game. It's unclear if they still keep in touch. 

In an interview with GQ's Myles Brown, Ann recounted how she met the Notre Dame wide receiver. 

You were with Justin Brent recently.... 

I love my little 19 year old.

How'd that start?

I met him at a restaurant. We exchanged numbers. He was going to be on break from school and I was like, "Hey, why don't you come to the city and we'll go to a Knicks game."

I like these new friendships in a weird mentor kinda way. I don't have children. Because I did porn, guys are just so honest with me, asking me sexual questions they might not want to ask their friends.

Those answers came from a lengthy interview with GQ in which Ann describes her relationships with athletes. It's a fascinating read.