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Louis Nix Had A Great Time Trolling Notre Dame Fans On Twitter About Returning In 2014


Notre Dame's star defensive tackle Louis Nix may actually be better at Twitter than he is at football, which is saying something. Nix is one of the most beloved members of the Fighting Irish, both for his very outgoing personality and his great sense of humor.

Nix is a senior at Notre Dame, but can opt for a fifth year with the team if he so chooses. Most people believe that there is very little chance Nix will return to school (he even mildly surprised experts by returning in 2013) considering his high NFL Draft projections, but today he took to Twitter teasing fans with the post "Louis Nix for Heisman 2014 Campaign Starts today!!!!"

He immediately deleted the tweet, replacing it with another one changing the year the "2013", and then followed that up with a simple "Lol gotcha." Plain and simple, he was expertly trolling Irish fans -- all in good fun, of course.

Obviously, most fans expect that this will be Nix's final college season, but there is always a chance that he could remain in South Bend one more year. Nix teased the media about the fact that many members thought we was leaving after last season:

Notre Dame fans likely won't find out for sure if Nix is staying until after the season, but don't be surprised if he teases people one way or another again in the future.