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Louis Nix Is Leaving Twitter As He Focuses On His NFL Career

For those of us in the Twittersphere, today is a very sad day. One of the most entertaining personalities in the football world, Notre Dame-turned-Houston Texans defensive tackle Louis Nix III, is leaving Twitter to focus on his pro career. Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle has the story:

Nix, 22, from Notre Dame, who on back-to-back days in late April connected embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling with NASCAR culture and jokingly used a photo of crab legs-shoplifting Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston as motivation for finals, said Friday he's leaving Twitter "alone."

Nix goes on to say that he "can't comment" on whether or not he will reboot @1irishchocolate at some point.

Appropriately enough, his final tweet was from his graduation at Notre Dame. Time will tell if he has also graduated from social media, or if this is merely an extended semester break.

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