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Louis Nix Takes To Twitter To Mock NFL Scouts' Treatment Of Jadeveon Clowney

Former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has easily been the most critiqued NFL hopeful ahead of this year's draft. Clowney, whose physical attributes are off the charts, has been criticized by some scouts as having a less-than-desirable work ethic when it comes to football. Heck, even his former coach, Steve Spurrier, said that Clowney's work ethic was just "okay". 

Surely, fans have noticed that the coverage of Clowney has been borderline overboard. But it's not lost on his colleagues, either. Check out what former Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix, who is also a possible first-round draft pick himself, tweeted out today.

">@clownejd can't fly, thus him not translating well to the NFL.

— lOUIS NIX III (@1IrishChocolate) March 3, 2014

Nix has never been shy to tell it like it is on Twitter, so the sarcasm doesn't come as a surprise. But it does show you that even some of the players who Clowney is competing against to be drafted wish the media would leave him alone.