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Manti Te'o Deletes Twitter Account During Blackout At Super Bowl - Pre-Planned Or Because Of Jokes?

PR move?

During the "blackout" at the Super Bowl last night, the Twitter community was having a field day. As with any major event, users on the social media platform were constantly trying to one-up each other in hopes of a retweet. The jokes were flowing, many of them directed at connecting Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend to the lights going off in New Orleans.

Te'o actually deleted his account during the blackout, which took things to another level.

Buzzfeed captured a tweet that Te'o sent out just after the halftime show. We're pretty sure this was his last one.

The question becomes whether Te'o and his PR team had planned to delete his account for a while now and chose to do so during another major event (Super Bowl) to serve as a distraction, or whether he got frustrated with all of the jokes being flung his way. Some were pretty rough.

Admittedly, in Te'o's position, I'd have deleted my Twitter account a long, long time ago to avoid all of the negativity. The assumption is that if this was planned, his team extracted all the information it needed from his account before shutting it down. 

If it wasn't planned, part of you has to feel for the guy. He's been through an awful month and can't even watch the Super Bowl in peace.