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ND's Stephon Tuitt Posts Cryptic "Don't Believe Everything You Read" Tweet, Deletes It

Still undecided?

Update: Brian Hamilton of The Chicago Tribunereceived a statement from Tuitt's mother, informing fans that Stephon has not yet made the decision whether he will stay or go to the NFL after the season:

"Stephon has not decided what he is going to do. What he meant to say was that school is the focal point and he will get his degree from ND."

Earlier: Earlier tonight, Notre Dame fans received seemingly wonderful news: Irish star defensive end Stephon Tuitt, pegged as a sure-fire first round pick in next April's NFL Draft, would be remaining at Notre Dame for his senior season, according to a report by The Observer, the student newspaper.

Per the report:

Irish junior defensive end Stephon Tuitt said he will return for his senior season next year, he told The Observer on Wednesday.

“I’m coming back next year,” Tuitt said. “I’m a junior. I still have one year.”

However, not too long after the news broke, Tuitt posted something rather interesting on his Twitter: "Can't Believe everything you read. Goodnight."

He quickly deleted the tweet soon after, but naturally, many fans saw it and it caused some uproar:

It seems pretty odd that he would delete the tweet, particularly if the reports weren't actually true. At least at the moment, Irish fans can't be sure if Tuitt will be back in the blue and gold next season -- I guess the wait for the big decision will continue.