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Watch: Paul Finebaum Says Notre Dame "Sold Its Soul To Try And Win More Football Games"

Paul Finebaum speaks on screen about Notre Dame.


The Notre Dame academic scandal ruling came down yesterday, and the school has to vacate its 2012 and 2013 wins. ESPN's Paul Finebaum says the program "sold its soul."

Finebaum, whose radio show is simulcast on SEC Network, weighed in on the Notre Dame issue on Outside The Lines today, and issued a scathing opinion on the state of the Fighting Irish. He says the once-proud program "sold its soul" in an attempt to return to the top of the sport.

The vacated wins have a pretty significant impact on Notre Dame's place among the all-time winningest programs. Before the penalty, Notre Dame was second in all-time wins. It falls all the way to fifth without the 2012 and 2013 seasons counted. In my opinion, vacating wins is an ultimately vacuous penalty for any program, but we're sure some Notre Dame fans aren't thrilled by the development.

Not every ESPN college football analyst is as harsh as Finebaum with regard to the Fighting Irish. Earlier, Kirk Herbstreit discussed head coach's Brian Kelly's hot seat status with the Chicago Tribune, and said that he believes that one bad season is clouding the good that he has done for the Fighting Irish program. However, with everything else that has gone on off the field during Kelly's tenure, including this Notre Dame academic scandal, there are some serious questions that can be raised about the state of the football program.