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Notre Dame Calling All Fans To Wear Green For Game Against Oklahoma This Weekend

Good move?

Notre Dame Stadium is a medley of colors on Saturdays -- sure, blue and gold are the official school colors, but plenty of fans prefer to wear green, white, or pretty much any color that has an 'ND' logo slapped on it. It's a far cry from stadiums such as Camp Randall or Clemson Memorial in which you see one color and one color only -- Irish fans like to have wardrobe choices.

But with a big game coming against the Oklahoma Sooners this weekend, Notre Dame is going all out and calling all fans to wear green, led by the student section, the Leprechaun Legion. The Legion has partnered with the Kelly Cares Foundation and created a dorm competition for students, encouraging the students to wear green while having a chance to give back to the community. Per the Legion's official website:

"The Leprechaun Legion, the official voice of the Notre Dame student section, is excited to announce a partnership with the Kelly Cares Foundation to sponsor a stadium-wide “WEAR GREEN Game” against the Oklahoma Sooners this Saturday, September 28th. All fans are encouraged to grab “The Shirt 2013” or their favorite green ND shirt to show support for the team and a great cause.

Furthermore, the Office of Sustainability is holding a “Go Green” competition between the residence halls on campus this week. The Kelly Cares Foundation will be making a donation to the winning hall and its sponsored charity. "

I'm always a fan of supporting charities, and stadiums united in one color tend to look pretty awesome -- hopefully Notre Dame Stadium is one giant sea of green Saturday afternoon.