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Witnesses Claim Devin Butler Was A Victim Of Police Brutality Before His Arrest

According to witnesses, Notre Dame's Devin Butler was a victim of police brutality before his arrest last weekend.

Police say that Butler shoved a woman as they attempted to break up a fight. Officers claim that when they asked him to step back, Butler assaulted an officer. Police charged Butler with two felonies: resisting law enforcement and battery of a police officer. Butler pleaded not guilty to both charges. However, his girlfriend, Haleigh Bailey, told the South Bend Tribune that these claims are false.

She explained her version of the Devin Butler police brutality:

“Reports say that Devin did all of these aggressive things but in reality, he was grabbed by the police from behind and never told who was grabbing him or why they were grabbing him," she wrote. "Devin felt he was doing the right thing but out of nowhere was arrested for simply stopping an argument. He felt he had no reason to be detained… Devin has been in a boot/cast and on crutches recovering for the past 8 weeks. He is in no condition to be lifting weights, working out, or doing any 'tackling.'"

Selena Bell, the fiancée of Fighting Irish wideout Torii Hunter Jr., also disagreed with the police report. Like Bailey, Bell claimed,

"He was abused, and wrongly arrested...He never tackled an officer and he never intentionally hurt anyone. He had no reason to be tazed because he was never resisting arrest, and he was already on the ground complying when they tazed him."

More on the situation as it continues to develop.