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Video: Notre Dame Player Appears To Fake Injury At Georgia

Notre Dame appears to fake an injury against Georgia.


Notre Dame was a two-touchdown underdog, and counted out by many as a real contender to beat Georgia in Athens today. Down just three, the Fighting Irish should feel pretty good about where things stand late in the third quarter.

Some of the strategies Notre Dame has employed today have come into question, though. After one play, it certainly looked like a Fighting Irish player was instructed to take an injury.

Just as the defense was getting ready to line up deep in its own territory, star safety Alohi Gilman appears to direct linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah to go to the ground. Teams will often get accused of faking injuries to slow down offenses that are looking to push the pace.

Criticizing potentially injured players is a bad look, but this certainly looks more than fishy. The CBS camera caught it pretty blatantly.

An even closer look, by Saturday Down South's Connor O'Gara.

At the end of the third quarter, Notre Dame trails Georgia 13-10. Georgia has 245 yards to Notre Dame's 182, but offense has been a struggle overall for both teams.

ESPN's Football Power Index gives Georgia a 72.4-percent chance to win the game as of now. Of course, at just a three point margin, anything can happen.