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Notre Dame Just Updated The Alma Mater Section On Its "Traditions" Web Page Last Night

Is this all a farce?

For those playing catch-up, there is a situation brewing in South Bend after numerous players "skipped" the traditional post-game singing of the alma mater following this Saturday's loss to Oklahoma. The school (and coach Brian Kelly) claims the policy was changed two years ago and that players should only sing with the students following wins. Students and fans claim they were not made aware of any such change, and furthermore, many disagree with the school's decision in general. The Irish never lost a home game in 2012, so there is no precedent here.

Many fans believe that the "policy change" is just a convenient excuse for the actions of the players who headed straight to the locker room on Saturday. Well, what South Bend Tribune's Tyler James and's Rachel Terlep discovered should help their argument. According to James, the school only updated its Traditions web page last night, not two years ago. Terlep found a cached version of what the text read before the changes:

Here are the two screenshots - one before, one after.

Is it possible that the school just didn't get around to updating its site in the past two years? It is. But you'd think that at a school like Notre Dame that values tradition above all else, it's something that would have been addressed on day one.