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Notre Dame Leprechaun Writes Letter To Students With Final Reminder To Wear Green


Friday was a busy day for the Notre Dame leprechaun.

First, a statue of the leprechaun's likeness was unveiled in the morning in the university's Purcell Pavilion.

Shortly after, this year's leprechaun (senior Johnny Romano) sent out a mass e-mail encouraging students to wear green to Saturday's game against Oklahoma. The message comes as part of an initiative by the Leprechaun Legion, Notre Dame's student cheering section, to create a sea of green for the matchup with the Sooners.

Here's the e-mail for your reading pleasure:

Irish Nation,

Notre Dame is going green! NO i don't mean we are forcing everyone to recycle and conserve energy by turning off your lights (which is not a bad thing), but rather a GREEN OUT for football game this Saturday.

In the words of my friends John, Paul, George and Ringo I expect nothing but "Skies of Blue and Sea of Green" on Saturday!

Last year we went into Norman ranked 5th and DESTROYED the Sooners 30-13. I expect nothing different this weekend. Blake Bell, the QB for the Sooners, was the first player to score a rushing TD against the Irish last year...The only reason that was possible was because it was an away game. Now that we have our 12th man, the Leprechaun Legion, and the best fans in the land, no Sooner will dare test the likes of Stephon and Irish Chocolate in OUR house.

The last time Oklahoma came to beautiful South Bend, the unranked Irish defeated the 23rd ranked Sooners 34-30. This Saturday the Sooners come in ranked 14th with a 3-0 record. We are 9-1 against Oklahoma all time and we are not about to let that become 9-2. EVERYONE needs to be on their feet and scream their lungs out on Saturday.

WEAR GREEN and Go Irish,
Leprechaun Johnny

Leprechaun Johnny's message hits on an important point — Notre Dame Stadium does tend to be a bit quiet at times — but it's directed at an audience that will already be loud and show up wearing green. For the Leprechaun Legion's initiative to work, it will be up to Irish alumni and other fans to create a raucous atmosphere. It's too bad he couldn't reach out to all the season ticket holders as well.