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Notre Dame Posts Top Overall Graduation Success Rate Among FBS Schools


Notre Dame has long prided itself on excelling both on the field of play and in the classroom. Today, the Irish were named the top overall FBS school for Graduation Success Rate, a measure the NCAA uses to monitor academic progress at universities. The organization's study, released early this morning, also revealed that 82% of D-1 student-athletes who began school in 2006 earned degrees, which is the highest rate since the statistic has been recorded. It also notes that since 1995, overall graduation rate has increased 8% - an impressive number.

Here are the top 15 schools for GSR, along with just the top 15 FBS schools.

All Institutions (GSR)

FBS Only (GSR)

Brown University (99)

University of Notre Dame (99)

Dartmouth College (99)

Duke University (98)

University of Notre Dame (99)

Northwestern University (97)

Bucknell University (98)

Stanford University (97)

Colgate University (98)

Boston College (96)

Davidson College (98)

Rice University (94) 

Duke University (98)

Wake Forest University (94) 

Harvard University (98)

University of Miami (FL) (92) 

College of the Holy Cross (98)

Vanderbilt University (91) 

Lafayette College (98)

University of Illinois, Champaign (90) 

Yale University (98)

Air Force (90) 

Fairfield University (97)

Army (90)

Northwestern University (97)

Navy (90) 

Stanford University (97)

Virginia Tech (90) 

Xavier University (97)

Tie - Ohio State, Central Florida (89) 

Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly was predictably excited about his school's accomplishment. He tweeted out a celebratory graphic.

You can read more about the NCAA's study here, or sort through the rankings here.