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Notre Dame, Purdue Add 2 Games To Future Football Series

Notre Dame and Purdue added two more games to their series today.

Notre Dame and Purdue already had a four-game series scheduled, and today the two schools decided to add two more games into the mix.

The two schools will face off a total of six times between 2021 and 2028, with each school getting three home games.

Check it out:

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Fighting Irish football program," Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm said, per an official release. "We strive to take on the best programs in the country on a regular basis, and when you have a first-class, high-caliber program nearby, it's a no-brainer to add more games against them. We look forward to the challenge."

Purdue also added non-conference games versus Memphis and Indiana State to its future schedule.

Here's the full list of schedule changes made today:

Future Purdue-Notre Dame Schedule
Sept. 18, 2021 at Notre Dame
Sept. 14, 2024 at Purdue
Sept. 20, 2025 at Notre Dame
Sept. 26, 2026 at Purdue
Sept. 4, 2027 at Notre Dame
Sept. 23, 2028 at Purdue

Future Purdue-Memphis Schedule
Sept. 12, 2020 at Purdue

Future Purdue-Indiana State Schedule
Sept. 10, 2022 at Purdue

The Boilermakers are are 58-26-2 all-time versus the Fighting Irish, which might not seem impressive, but is actually pretty remarkable. Only USC (37) and Michigan State (29) have more wins against Notre Dame than Purdue.