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Notre Dame Takes Playful Shot At Louisville While Welcoming It To The ACC

One of college basketball's most memorable games of the last five years was 2013's matchup between Notre Dame and Louisville, when the two schools slugged it out in a five overtime game in South Bend that the Fighting Irish won, 104-101. This was one of the last times the two played each other as members of the Big East, as Notre Dame left for the ACC the following year, while Louisville became a member of the AAC. 

Last night at midnight, Louisville officially became a member of the ACC, reuniting the two schools after a year apart. Notre Dame hoops decided to take a playful shot at Louisville, referencing the game in a tweet while welcoming the Cardinals to the conference.

">July 1, 2014

While the teams' 2014-15 hoops schedules have not been released yet, we hope for at least one more five overtime game between the two sides this year.