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Notre Dame To Award No. 1 Jersey On Weekly Basis This Season

There have been some prolific players to wear the No. 1 for Notre Dame over the years. The names Todd Lyght, Derrick Mayes and Louis Nix come to mind, among others. 

But next season, you will see a number of Irish players wearing the number throughout the season. The coveted digit will be rotated on a weekly basis based on performance, according to head coach Brian Kelly. 

In an appearance on WSBT 96.1 Tuesday, Kelly said the No. 1 will be given out as a weekly reward. 

"No. 1 we’re going to hand out from week to week," Kelly said. "And that’s going to be the player that exemplifies himself both on and off the field in a manner that represents all the things that we want a Notre Dame football player to represent. He will wear that No. 1."

Additionally, Kelly said he and his staff have come up with a points system to determine which players will wear Nos. 2-9 during the season. Those numbers won't be rotated weekly, but they have to be earned, Kelly said. 

"I’d go out on the road and we’re closing deals with guys to come to Notre Dame and the first question [would be] ‘Can I get a number 4?’ Or a number 5 or a number 6," Kelly said. "And of course, now there are defensive linemen asking for single digit numbers. It got to the point where I said 'You know what, we're going to compete for single digits.'"

All of this is great for team morale and to motivate players, but there are casual fans, SID's and television announcers out there who probably groaned when they heard this news. Players rotating numbers on a weekly basis can get quite confusing, particularly if the Irish decide to double up on a couple of those numbers. 

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