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Notre Dame Unveils "The Shirt" For The 2015 Season

green Notre dame football 2015 shirt.

Notre dame football 2015 shirt

For the 26th year in a row, Notre Dame has released a tee shirt to celebrate the season-to-come. This year, "The Shirt", as it's known, focuses on the "Golden Tradition" of Fighting Irish football, despite it actually being green.

Sunday night, The Shirt Project, in an on-campus celebration, unveiled the new dig at the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore. It features the phrase "Irish Football" on the front, with "University of Notre Dame" and "Here Come The Irish" on the back. Check it out:

">April 26, 2015

">April 26, 2015

The South Bend Tribunehas some details on who proceeds from shirt sales benefit.

Proceeds from sales of The Shirt benefit student organizations, extracurricular activities, the Rector Fund and The Shirt Charity Fund, a resource for students suffering from extraordinary medical conditions that require payment beyond their means.

Notre Dame kicks off the 2015 campaign against Texas on September 5.