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Notre Dame WR Punished As A Kid By Being Forced To Wear Michigan Hat

What a classic punishment.

Notre Dame-Michigan is one of the great rivalries in college football (although the series will be ending in the near future), as it features the two programs with the highest all-time win percentage in the sport. The rivalry has had many games over the years that have caused blood to boil, no matter which side you're pulling for.

At the 2012 Notre Dame Football Awards Show earlier this week, one of the player's fathers told a hilarious story of how hatred of Michigan was ingrained in his son (wide receiver Robby Toma) from a young age -- when he did something wrong, he was punished by being forced to wear a Michigan cap. And Robby was miserable when he had to do this -- he would cry in fact -- so apparently it was a great way to teach a lesson.

You can view the full Senior Parents video from the Awards Show below: