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Notre Dame's Brian Kelly Says Georgia Is A "Natural Matchup" For The Irish

A "natural matchup".

Notre Dame's football independence, which allows the school to pick and choose exactly which teams it wants to play each year, often leads to some extremely difficult schedules. This season, the Irish play the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Arizona State, USC, BYU and Stanford - among others. But the Irish can never seem to schedule an SEC opponent - in fact, they haven't played one during the regular season since 2005 (Tennessee). Brian Kelly wants that to change.

Kelly went on WSBT yesterday to discuss the state of the program before fall camp, and mentioned that he'd love to add the Georgia Bulldogs to the Irish' schedule.

The obvious reason here is that both schools heavily recruit the Atlanta region - hence the "natural matchup".

As Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune notes, Notre Dame's agreement with the ACC requires five league football games per season. Couple that with the existing rivalries the Irish take part in every year (USC, Navy) and it's clear to see that the school has limited options in scheduling moving forward. Still, if the programs could somehow work out a deal, it'd easily be one of the biggest events in any college football season.