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Notre Dame's Garrick Sherman Blasts Doug Gottlieb On Twitter Following Loss To Ohio State


Update 2: A Twitter war has ensued: 

Update: Gottlieb has responded to Sherman's tweet, and has elected to take the high road, kind of -- he fired a shot at Sherman and deleted it, but then said that he wouldn't hold the response against him:

Earlier: Tonight, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish suffered a heartbreaking loss to Ohio State as part of the Gotham Classic at Madison Square Garden. The Irish squandered an eight-point lead in the game's final minute, and No. 3 OSU escaped with a 64-61 win. 

Of course, Notre Dame's players probably aren't too happy right now, and aren't in the mood to hear any criticism at all. Garrick Sherman, Notre Dame's starting center, took to Twitter after the loss and noticed that CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb had called out his beard during the game -- his facial hair has drawn quite a bit of attention recently. He wasn't pleased at all, and took a major shot back at Gottlieb:

Gottlieb, of course, was once a student at the University of Notre Dame, but got kicked out of school after he stole some of his dorm-mates' credit cards (interestingly enough, the same dorm Sherman was in, Dillon Hall) to buy a few items. He later would go on to play for Oklahoma State.

Gottlieb has tried hard over the years to put the incident behind him (it happened 17 years ago now) so this is a pretty low blow by Sherman to bring it back, but then again, he didn't ask for Gottlieb to make fun of him in the first place, and you can see why he's probably a bit bitter at the moment. I think it's probably safe to say that both guys will probably wish they could take their tweets back.