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Notre Dame's Jack Cooley Proposed To His Girlfriend At His Senior Banquet

Her response?

Notre Dame forward Jack Cooley capped off his collegiate experience in grand fashion last night, proposing to his girlfriend at his team's senior banquet. Luckily for Cooley, Jackie Oberlander said yes.

Cooley started off his speech talking about how nervous he was to be up in front of the crowd, but then compared it to the idea of taking free throws during a basketball game. Since Cooley shot 70% from the charity stripe line this year, he made the joke that "there's a 30% chance this goes terribly wrong". It did not.

When Cooley was done speaking about the basketball team and his four seasons with the Irish, he called up his girlfriend to the stage. His teammate, Eric Atkins, snapped a Vine of the moment:

Another teammate, Tom Knight, immediately took credit.

...while Cooley himself was relieved. 

We offer our congratulations as well.