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Notre Dame's Locker Room Schedule Reads "Bowl Game"; Last Year It Read "BCS National Championship Game"

Tempered expectations?

After reaching the 2013 BCS National Championship Game, Notre Dame, regardless of quarterback Everett Golson's academic suspension, expected to compete for a title again this past season. Heck, the Irish even posted the game on their locker room schedule. It was a bold move.

But as we all know, ND dropped four contests in 2013 and found itself playing in the Pinstripe Bowl against Rutgers instead. Well, this year, the Irish have decided to dial it back a bit on the schedule. I'm not sure if they're trying to be more realistic or they're attempting to take the edge off for their players, but either way, the new goal seems much more achievable. "Bowl Game" it is.

It's true that the BCS is no longer, so the idea of putting the BCS NCG on the schedule is impossible. But if the Irish wanted the same effect, they'd simply list "CFB Playoff" on 1/1/2015, since that's when the two semifinal games will take place.

Notre Dame's schedule next season is, yet again, brutal. If the Irish are able to knock off all of their opponents, which include Stanford, Florida State, USC, Michigan, Arizona State and Louisville, they'll deserve to play in whatever final game they want.