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Notre Dame's Louis Nix Displays Superhuman Strength While Helping Man At Sam's Club

What a nice guy.

Notre Dame's Louis Nix III is a very likeable fellow -- this past season he dressed up as Santa Claus for South Bend children, and he isn't camera-shy -- his celebration dance after the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals is something that everyone has to see. He's known for being extremely approachable and great with fans, and for being just an all-around good guy.

Well, today we came across another great Nix story, courtesy of Notre Dame sports blogger Aaron Horvath. Nix apparently went out of his way to help a local fan who was shopping at Sam's Club:

I went over to Mishawaka’s Sam’s Club to help my sister load up a swimming pool she was buying for the grandkids birthday. The thing weighed over 200 pounds and Sam’s Club was dragging their feet to get someone to help load it. Lucky for us Louis Nix the star defensive lineman for Notre Dame was leaving the store and when I asked him to help carry it he graciously agreed and threw it in the back like it was a air mattress. I hope my Bears get a chance to draft him after this year!

We know that Nix is a regular at Sam's Club, but we didn't know that he is an everyday hero -- it appears that his days as a villain are over and he's going to put his strength to good use.

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