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Notre Dame's Louis Nix Is Giving Back To ND Students Via 'The Chocolate Games'

Let the games begin.

This past Friday, Notre Dame fans got some sad, but not unexpected, news: star defensive tackle Louis Nix iss leaving school to pursue NFL dreams, and he has signed with an agent, officially ending his collegiate career. Nix, besides being a very productive defender in South Bend, has always been a fan favorite. His outgoing personality and social media prowess have brought him closer to Irish fans than anyone would have expected, and the Notre Dame faithful will be sad to see him go. 

Of course, Nix will be missed by his fellow students as well. But Nix isn't gone quite yet, and before the semester ends he has a few tricks up his sleeve for how to give back to his classmates. Yesterday, Nix gave away a duffel bag full of his freshman year issue gear to students, and today kicks off "The Chocolate Games" -- a competition for students to win an autographed jersey of his by finding clues in the school newspaper this week:

It's clear that Nix really does love Notre Dame, and it's great to see him give back and continue to bond with the student body before he leaves. We won't be shocked if this isn't the last surprise he has planned for the next few weeks.