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One NFL Team Won't Be Taking Manti Te'o Tomorrow Because "Some Of His Teammates Think He's Kind Of A Phony"

Oh boy.

Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o doesn't yet know which team will be drafting him tomorrow. But according to, there are realistically only 31 options, not 32. One scout says his team has taken Te'o off its board completely.

"We've kind of taken him off the board," one scout told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday. "He doesn't have enough ability to put up with all that. Why fool with it? Try-hard, smart (Wonderlic of 23) guy. This was the first year he's really gotten himself in shape. Some of his teammates think he's kind of a phony."

Some scouts have argued that the hysteria surrounding Te'o off-the-field shouldn't factor at all into where he ultimately gets drafted. Others, as you can see, don't agree. 

The bigger issue with this quote might be his teammates throwing him under the bus. Teams wanting to avoid the media circus is one thing - former colleagues saying he's a "phony" is another.