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Photo: Condoleezza Rice Reps 3 Major College Football Programs While She Golfs

Can't make up her mind.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Condoleezza Rice would be serving on the new College Football Playoff Selection Committee. Her selection drew the ire of a number of high profile figures -- ESPN's David Pollack, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, and former Auburn coach Pat Dye all voiced strong opinions that she doesn't belong because she never actually played football.

Many media members came to Rice's defense however, pointing out that you hardly need to play football to pick the four best teams in the country. Rice also has plenty of experience with college football -- not only does she frequently attend games, but she also played a significant role in the hiring of two coaches while she served as provost at Stanford.

If you need any more convincing, she's a serious college football fan like the rest of us -- she even reps three major college football programs while out golfing. Check out this photo tweeted today by Stanford's SID, Alan George (thanks to @NDSportsblogger Aaron Horvath for the find):

Rice grew up in Birmingham, which explains the Alabama club cover. She also obtained her master's degree in political science from Notre Dame (the putter cover) and has the obvious ties to Stanford, where she still teaches courses. 

She's probably really enjoying the 2013 season -- her teams are experiencing quite a bit of success, yet again.