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Photo: FOX Sports 1 Thinks Brian Kelly Has Left Notre Dame


Update: FOX Sports 1 replaced its questionable Notre Dame graphic - except there's a different error on the new one (thanks to Steve Herring):

Guess the Irish are really hurting from the loss of Everett "Gholson."

Earlier: FOX Sports 1 seems to have gotten off to a great start in its first week live on air, but that doesn't mean there haven't been a few mistakes along the way. Case in point - the graphic below that claims Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly left the school.

Kelly, if you remember, flirted with the Philadelphia Eagles for a short time before returning to the Irish. And unless he's pulling one of the dirtiest moves in coaching history, we're pretty sure we'll see him on the sideline next Saturday.

Oh, and Michael Floyd and Harrison Smith? They departed from Notre Dame a while ago -- each already has an NFL season under their belt.

Still working out a few kinks, apparently.