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Photo: Louis Nix Appears To Be Giving Away His Notre Dame Helmets On Instagram

We're not sure why any former Notre Dame football player would be looking to get rid of his various Irish gear, but it seems like defensive tackle Louis Nix III is ready to move on from his college career...or he may be looking for some quick cash. The former Notre Dame lineman posted a picture of four helmets, asking his followers "who wants these?"

Nix's collection includes the 2011 Shamrock Series helmet, from ND's game against Maryland at FedEx Field, the dual-colored 2012 Shamrock Series helmet, which was worn against Miami at Soldier Field in Chicago, Notre Dame's famous standard gold helmet, and the 2013 Shamrock Series helmet, from ND's game against Arizona State at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. If I was a former Irish football player, these would be valuable keepsakes, but apparently Nix doesn't feel the same way. Irish fans, you may want to drop him a line on Instagram.