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Photo: Malik Zaire Posts Incredibly Heartfelt Message To Notre Dame's Senior Class

Notre Dame's seniors have played their final home game for the Fighting Irish. Brian Kelly's team has two games left on its regular season schedule - the Shamrock Series game at Fenway Park against Boston College and a road contest against Stanford. 

This senior class meant a ton to Fighting Irish quarterback Malik Zaire. 

Notre Dame's quarterback posted the following heartfelt message on Instagram. 

Malik Zaire posts a message on Instagram to the Notre Dame senior class.


Here's his full message:

Some of the best years of my life came from hanging with these core dudes right here. Seeing y'all play y'all last game at Notre Dame stadium is still unreal to me because I remember meeting y'all for the first time like it was yesterday. If it wasn't for Kei who knows if I would have came back to ND and committed after he was my host. If it wasn't for Kei I wouldn't want the best outta myself everyday at practice and games. If it wasn't for Ronnie whose house would I go to to just get off campus for awhile to get my mind off of things and who would I beat in FIFA all the time haha. If it wasn't for Breeze I wouldn't be the QB I am today. You and Amir stuck it out and worked with me when no one else would. Me and you have been talking about ballin together ever since we got here and now it's amazing to see how far you've come. If it wasn't for Shu my roommate I would have never learned "son" or how to be a good roommate or been super competitive at video games or tlk abt stories with our gfs haha. If it wasn't for CJ we would have never had that story abt your car or took those trips to the beach "VA hannnnn!" Lol and all the times we played basketball made enough memories for a lifetime. If it wasn't for Amir I would have never got into my major in Film because I was the main actor in all his movies haha and just like breeze Amir believed in me and worked with me like I could be something. And if it wasn't for Jaaron I would never know what's going on fun at school cause he had all the plugs haha all n all these brothas I've made I couldn't ask for a Better bunch. #Seniors#Team127

You've got a good one in Malik Zaire, Notre Dame fans.