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Photo: Notre Dame Sent Irish LB Recruit Nyles Morgan 477 Pieces Of Mail Today


Update: Dalton Schultz, a tight end out from Utah, is another Notre Dame target who received 477 pieces of mail today -- he created a YouTube video expressing his excitement, and it's pretty cool:

Earlier: Notre Dame has been on a torrid recruiting pace lately, snagging three new verbal commitments in the past week. One of the reasons for the great recent success has been the outrageous interest that Notre Dame is showing its prospects -- if you're getting recruited by ND, expect a whole lot of mail:

Today, inside linebacker Nyles Morgan of Crete, Illinois, received a whopping 477 (!!!) pieces of mail from the Fighting Irish. There was some significance to 477 though -- here's what the accompanying note reads:


You have received the #PotOfGold: 477 pieces of mail.

477 represents the total number of NFL draft picks we've had here at ND. In each envelope there's a custom graphic with the name and pick # of each and every draftee. Your future is bright -- just like the other 477 men before you. Come continue the legacy -- become college football royalty!

~ @JR_Sandlin

That's a pretty sick recruiting ploy by Notre Dame -- you have to think it carries some weight with recruits.