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Photo: Notre Dame's "Pot Of Gold" Letters Are Actually Dipped In Gold Powder

This just gets more ridiculous.

Notre Dame's #PotOfGold recruiting campaign, while clearly ridiculous, has thus far been a success - at least in terms of publicity. The Irish have been sending 477 pieces of gold-themed mail to specific recruits in hopes that the over-the-top methodology will prove effective in landing their services. But today, we learned another little anecdote that's interesting - some of the letters are literally dipped in 24-carat gold powder. Jimmy Byrne, a 4-star offensive tackle from Ohio, tweeted out a photo today:

I have no clue if a blotch of gold powder is going to be enough to sway some of these kids, but you've got to hand to Notre Dame - the Irish are going all-out to land their top targets.