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Photo: There's Baby Oil At The Golic's, Mike Golic's Recreation Of Kim Kardashian's Picture Might Be Coming Soon

Update: The photo, unfortunately, is definitely coming. 

">November 20, 2014

Earlier: Mike Golic's recreation of Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover might be coming soon. 

The ESPN radio personality lost a bet to co-host Mike Greenberg as his alma mater, Notre Dame, lost to Northwestern, Greenberg's alma mater, this past Saturday. So, Golic has to oil up his body and pose for the camera Kardashian-style. 

It appears that the picture nobody wants to see - but will surely be looked at by all - could be surfacing in the next couple of days. 

">November 20, 2014

That's a lot of baby oil. Too much baby oil.