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Photo: There's Now A 'Catholics vs. Criminoles' Shirt For This Year's Notre Dame vs. FSU Matchup

There are still four months before this year's anticipated matchup between Florida State and Notre Dame on the football field, but as the folks over at No Coast Bias have pointed out, there is already some apparel you can buy for the occasion. As you'd imagine, however, it's nothing that's likely to be signed off on by the NCAA. 

A website named is selling 'Catholics vs. Criminoles' shirts that feature Notre Dame's mascot and a very happy crab - clearly poking fun at Winston's infamous transgression. They clearly pay homage to the old "Catholics vs. Convicts" shirts that fans wore for Notre Dame's 1988 game against Miami (FL).

Considering the game is at Florida State, there probably won't be too many of these in the stands. But Notre Dame's fan base does travel well, so who knows...