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Photos: Here Is What Notre Dame's Shamrock Series Helmets Could Have Looked Like

Food for thought.

Last month, Notre Dame unveiled special white and gold uniforms for its 2013 Shamrock Series game vs. Arizona State. The uniforms were very well received by Fighting Irish fans, and the new helmet design drew particularly rave views -- here's what it looks like, for a refresher:

But recently, we came across one of the helmets that was supposedly a possibility for the 2013 Shamrock Series game. Notre Dame and Adidas obviously try out a number of different looks, and while they opted for the gold version shown above, they likely had a number of other pretty interesting designs. Below is what we are told is one of the rejected designs. We reached out to Notre Dame's equipment managers, who did not confirm nor deny it as a potential option.

A side view of the helmet:

...and a shot from the front:

It's pretty interesting if you ask me -- the dark blue look with the leprechaun logo is similar to one side of last year's Shamrock Series helmets, although the base on this prototype has a matte look instead of a shiny one. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the stripe down the middle, but it's definitely different and would provide quite a change of pace. I also imagine that if this version would have been selected, Notre Dame would have opted with a much shinier gold facemask, which would make it really pop.

Obviously, the Irish won't be wearing these this fall, or possibly ever, but it's pretty cool to get a look at what the Shamrock Series helmets could have been instead of the selection option.

If you'd like to see the helmet above, it is displayed (you can even pick it up!) at Augie's Locker Room, the Notre Dame memorabilia store nearby campus in South Bend.